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  1. Von oben herab fallen habe ich noch nicht beobachtet, aber die sind da in der Tat zu finden. Das war schon vor dem Spielupdate so, ich glaube sogar schon kurz nach Einführung der Mods auf dem Server.
  2. Dan, please excuse my silence; internal issues on Memoriae took up all my time. Now however I was able to transcribe the remainder of the fragment: Thus, I took my place at the helm; but before we could take off, Doom hit us. The ship was flung to the side, and suddenly the cockpit was filled with blinking and blaring alarms. There was no time to assess the damage however - we had to take the risk that vital systems might have been affected. Either way, we were doomed if we did not get out of there immediatly. I directed all power to engines, and we virtually shot out of the atmosphere, continuing to accelerate until we had reached escape velocity from Concordia. Now we finally had time to inspect the damage. Several of the civilians had been injured by the attack, our medical options were severely limited on the crammed ship however. The damage to ship systems was disconcerting: the tank had sprung a leak, which had automatically been sealed, but not before loosing a dangerously large amount of fuel. Additionally, the navigation systems had been severly damaged and were in danger of breaking completly at the next interaction. Lastly, the temperature regulation system was completly busted, meaning the temperature on board was dropping rapidly. Fortunatly our scanner remained functional, and we targeted the first planet which seemed to support carbon-based life. The jump (directly to the planet, since we did not want to risk two jumps) was almost too much for the ship; sparks flew and the navigation computer partially shut down. From there on, it was manual control only. I'm a good pilot, but a manual smooth descent and landing with a heavily damaged freighter on an unknown planet is beyond my capabilities. We made it through the atmosphere without too much further damage, even if it got quite warm inside. Our landing spot was in mountainous terrain, and we nearly crashed into a cliff. I was able to stop shortly before that, but the ship's spine cracked - it will never fly again. Well, that's enough for today. I hope Lanea is right and this will help, but right now I'm feeling even worse than before. Alright, that is everything from this fragment. Doesn't seem to include a lot of useful information, but I believe we may actually have the key here! If we are able to find the ship, that may help us tremendously. I suspect it won't be too far from the city as it stands today, probably in the hills to the east. I will write you once I find new information. Regards, Den Ryu
  3. Hello Dan, I found something! This morning I put on my battlesuit and made my way into the debths of the archive. The infestation is even worse than anticipated... Despite al my safety measures, one of those beasts almost got me. Anyways, I was able to return a few documents to the surface... Here is one of them! Third day of the second week There is little to report today. Our hunting efforts continue to be fruitfull and we won't starve anytime soon, even if I'd prefer vegetable foods. The wooden floor in the cave is almost complete and shows the expected effect; sleep is a lot more comfortable if your body heat is not drained from below. Lanea advised me to write down the events of our flight from Concordia - it may help with processing it all, she said. I was at the senate when it all began. At first it was no more than a light tremor, but still unusual - the planet was tectonically stable, its crust being solid solid for many kilometers into the ground. The tremors rapidly increased in strength; soon, paintings fell from the walls and cracks started to form. A quarter of an hour later, chaos was absolute. Enormous waves flooded the streets closest to the water; buildings began to collaps from the unusual strain. And then, Doom itself came... I saw Ser Samuel with a few Onyx Lions near the Office of the Aedile, attemting to keep the Doom from entering the city. Yet even the Black Lion could not be everywhere at once, and soon the sounds of destruction could be heard from other neighbourhoods. The city was lost, but perhaps we could still rescue citizens - there were not enough spaceships for everyone, but several hundred civilians might escape; more, if the process could be properly organised. Thus, I started taking control over air traffic. Understandably, many owners wanted to take off immediatly - but the emblem of an Onyx Lion, when combined with a loaded weapon, could usually convince them to be sensible. One ship after another rose into the bloodred sky, filled to the brim with the citicens of our shining capital. There were luxury spacegliders with glas cockpits through which tightly packaged humanoids were visible; right next to them freighters, their valuable cargo dumped across the landing strip. Not everyone made it to the ships - I don't even want to think about the scenes that must have played out on the other side of the city. But even those who made it to the ships were not safe; as demonstrated by the captain of the last freighter: Standing on the loading ramp of his vessel, he was impaled by an arm-long splinter from a collapsing building. The freighter was filled to the brim, but there was noone left to fly it - noone, except for me. I swore an oath to defend the Republic to my last breath. I broke that oath. My honour demanded that I fight and die alongside my brothers and sisters. I certainly could argue this would have doomed the civilians - that would probably even be correct. But the truth is this: I was afraid. Afraid of death, of the empty void. I was afraid, and I was a coward. And I broke my oath. That is all I have time for today; these texts are not easy to decipher! But they do seem to confirm that my ancestors did indeed live in the old Republic. Many of the names are not known to me; especially who these "Onyx Lions" are. Maybe you know more? I have the rest of this entry as well, but it has even more severe water damage then the rest. It will take some time, but I'll write you once I have more. I continue to wish you good fortune in your search! Den Ryu
  4. Author's notes: This is a translation of this thread, detailing the history of Memoriae's settlement, the downfall of the Old Republic, and the founding of the New Republic through letters by Den Ryu, gouverneur of Memoriae, to Dan T. Ghiero, who was crucial to the formation of the New Republic. The republic colony Memoriae can be visited in-game from the ancient teleporter at spawn. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Dan, I looked through the documents in my study after you had left. As I said, the archive is unavailable at the moment due to the infestation of gascious beings... I did find something that might be of interest to you. It appears to be the beginning of some kind of journal... Of one of the first settlers of Memoriae, if I'm reading this correctly. Unfortunatly the documents are damaged by water... Strange, as I already received them in this condition from the archives. And I'm certain there was no water in there. Anyways, read for yourself: Fourth day of the first week (Unfortunatly I have no idea on what that date is based. Maybe we'll find something later?) I decided to document our advancements, even if I don't really see a point to it. The ship certainly won't fly again... The navigation computer is completly busted, we don't have fuel, and the hull has been severely damaged upon landing. All of the fugitives are still alive... Some of them barely. Young David still ahs not woken up, he's just occasionally blabbering incoherently in his fever. At least we found this cave... It's large enough for us all, the entrance is easily defendable, and there are no ways deeper into the system from which something could emerge. The position and shape of the cave should also keep rainwater out, so we should stay dry. The weather takes some getting used to... One second it's raining like a cresting wave, the next the sky is bright and clear. By now almost everyone has accepted that we need to eat meat if we are to survive. We have begun fabrication of hunting spears, but until we have enough, we'll have to use the weapons that survived our escape. The Katana is surprisingly useful... It is obvious that the local fauna is not used to hunters. Nonetheless, I'm glad I have my armour... Those birds are no vegetarians! My watch ends, it is time to find some rest. I will continue the report tomorrow. For now I only have this one page, but I will continue searching. If we find more, it might advance our cause significantly! Until that time I wish you luck in your pursuit and remain Your brother in the search Den Ryu
  5. Samstag Abend klingt gut, denke ich.
  6. Das klingt nach einer guten Idee! Wenn ich Zeit habe, komme ich gerne. Der 22. oder 23. (Das Wochenende) wären gut für mich, alles davor eher schwierig.
  7. Ich bin auch zwischendurch da, aber habe meist nicht viel Zeit
  8. Senatorenliste glaube ich schon, die anderen nicht. (Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher dass mehrere der hier als Mitglieder angeführten Personen inzwischen woanders sind bzw den Server verlassen haben, und bei den Planeten fehlt zumindest Jimmys neustes Projekt, momentan unter dem Namen Foulognes. )
  9. With the character you protected it with?
  10. Dan, bitte entschuldige die lange Funkstille, interne Probleme auf Memoriae beanspruchten meine Aufmerksamkeit. Jetzt habe ich allerdings den Rest des Fragments transkripieren können: Ich setzte mich also ans Steuer, aber noch bevor wir abheben konnten wurden wir vom Verderben getroffen. Das Schiff machte einen Satz zur Seite, und urplötzlich war das Cockpit erfüllt von blinkenden und lärmenden Alarmen. Es war jedoch keine Zeit um sich darum zu kümmern - wir mussten das Risiko eingehen, dass lebensnotwendige Systeme getroffen waren. Davon abgesehen, wenn wir den Planeten nicht verließen, waren wir ohnehin verloren. Ich gab also vollen Schub auf die Triebwerke, und wir schossen förmlich aus der Atmosphäre, weiter beschleunigend bis wir uns auf einer Fluchtbahn aus der Umgebung Concordias befanden. Nun war endlich Zeit, den Schaden zu inspizieren. Mehrere der Zivilisten waren bei dem Angriff verletzt worden, unsere medizinischen Möglichkeiten waren auf dem überfüllten Schiff jedoch beschränkt. Der Schaden an den Schiffsystemen war beunruhigend: Der Tank hatte ein Leck bekommen, welches sich inzwischen zwar selbstständig abgedichtet hatte, aber zuvor den Füllstand gefährich niedrig gebracht hatte. Zusätzlich hatte der Navigationscomputer einiges abbekommen und drohte bei der nächsten Interaktion völlig den Geist aufzugeben. Zuletzt wa auch das Temperaturregelungssystem beschädigt worden, weshalb es schnell unangenehm kalt im Schiff wurde. Glücklicherweise waren die Scanner noch funktional, und wir visierten den ersten Planeten an, von dem die Langstreckenscanner behaupteten, er würde kohlenstoffbasiertes Leben unterstützen. Der Sprung (direkt zum Planeten hin, da wir keine zwei Sprünge riskieren wollten) war fast zu viel für das Schiff; Funken flogen und der Navigationscomputer schaltete sich teilweise ab. Nur noch manuelle Kontrolle... Ich bin ein guter Pilot, aber einen schwer beschädigten Frachter sanft auf einem unbekanntem Planeten runter zu bringen und zu landen übersteigt meine Fähigkeiten. Wir schafften es größtenteils unbeschadet durch die Atmosphäre, auch wenn es recht warm wurde. Unser Landeplatz befand sich in bergigem Terrain, und wir wären beinahe in eine Klippe gekracht. Ich konnte kurz davor stoppen, aber das Schiif hat sich dabei den Kiel gebrochen - es wird nie mehr fliegen. So, genug für heute. Ich hoffe Lanea hat recht und das hier hilft, aber jetzt gerade fühle ich mich noch schlechter als vorher. So, das ist alles von diesem Fragment. Es scheint nicht viel nützliches zu enthalten, aber ich glaube, wir könnten hier den Schlüssel haben! Wenn wir das Schiff finden können, gibt uns das möglicherweise neue Einsichten. Ich vermute dass es nicht all zu weit von der heutigen Stadt entfernt sein wird, vermutlich in den Hügeln im Osten. Ich melde mich wenn sich weitere Informationen finden lassen. Auf bald, Den Ryu
  11. Willkommen im Forum und der Community im allgemeinen! Bei Fragen, einfach fragen
  12. Willkommen! Wir helfen immer gerne, wenn jemand Probleme mit etwas hat. Aber es selbst zu lernen ist natürlich auch wichtig
  13. Ich habe noch einen Vorschlag, auch wenn ich mir weder sicher bin wie durchführbar das technisch ist, noch ob es generell als wünschenswert angesehen wird: Ich hätte gerne die Möglichkeit, Schaden an der Umwelt durch wetter (In meinem Fall speziell: Sandstürme) auf protecteten Planeten zu deaktivieren. Ich habe einen Scorched Planeten den ich gerne irgendwann der Allgemeinheit zugänglich machen würde, aber wenn sich da immer Sand ansammelt, den nur Personen mit Baurechten wieder entfernen können, wird das problematisch. Ein anderer Planetentyp ist auch nicht wirklich eine Option, da der Hintergrund und das Standartwetter stark zur Athmosphäre des Baus beitragen.
  14. Halloween auf Spielburg - Kostümwettbewerb organisiert von Damocles Ein wunderschöner Abend im von Elsa fantastisch halloweenisierten Spielburg. Viele tolle Kostüme und (meist) zivilisiertes Publikum, am Ende sind wir alle durch ein Bild von Damo bereichert (?). Anwesende: Damocles Minka Miraak (Verspätet) Jimmy Rustleton Den Ryu Lilietta Elsa of Atheria Spoodelf Olaxis Artaniz Redjie Finshi Sophia
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