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  1. Zwergengraf

    Mismatched Assets

    The Launcher is currently not available for download (soon).
  2. Zwergengraf

    Was spielst Du? - Gameserver-Vorschläge

    Wichtige Kriterien und eine Auswahl der bisher genannte Vorschläge sind jetzt im ersten Post zu finden.
  3. Zwergengraf

    Duplicate Name

    Done - but we already talked about it on Discord. Have fun!
  4. Zwergengraf

    Item Request.

    Not at the moment, sorry.
  5. Zwergengraf

    About my display name.

    Post your desired new display name here so I can change it.
  6. Zwergengraf

    Help me with guilds, please?

    Your guild needs to have at least five members (including yourself). Then use this command: /guild_set tag TAG Check out the list of all commands here:
  7. Zwergengraf

    The Model M

    Hey, feel free to use The Model M
  8. Zwergengraf

    Mismatched Assets

    If that doesn't help, make a backup of the folder "storage" (player + universe files) and reinstall the game.
  9. Zwergengraf

    StarUnity v18.01

    Added a welcome message for new players. Changed start items for new characters: Added Mercenary Armor Set, Broadsword and Pistol. v18.01.1: Internal API changes. v18.01.2: /tp and /tpa: No longer case-sensitive.
  10. Zwergengraf

    Kostenlose Spiele Kann ich nur empfehlen - Psycho-Horror und echt gut gezeichnet (kenne die Charakterzeichnerin :>).
  11. Zwergengraf

    StarUnity v17.12

    Changed start items for new characters: Removed 1000 fuel, added 25 medikits.
  12. Zwergengraf

    deleted character

  13. Zwergengraf

    Wir brauchen DEINE Ideen!

    Wäre cool, ist aber leider so nicht möglich - trotzdem Danke für den Vorschlag.
  14. Zwergengraf

    StarUnity v17.11

    Security update. v17.11.1: Security update. v17.11.2: Security update. /group: Fix Exception. Enable DiscordBot. v17.11.3: /protect: Now supports player stations. Players can now protect 2 (default) or 7 (Premium / VIP) planets or player stations. /home: Now supports teleporting to player stations. /home: Allow GMs to teleport even if not on ship. /protect_add: You can now prevent players from entering your planet / station by setting their access level to -1. Syntax: /protect_add <LocationName> <PlayerName> -1 Updated command messages ('planet' -> 'location'). Backups of all player stations will now be created. v17.11.4: Fixed a race condition that could cause "x has joined the server" to be displayed for banned players. Location info: Only show projectile info if projectiles are enabled.