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Beas absolut subjektive Chucklefishschau

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Wie gestern schon angedeutet, bewahrheitet es sich nun, was das Bewaessern angeht:



All farming now requires watered tilled soil to work. (You use the Hoe, then have to water before you can plant.)

  • There is a new "Watering Can" item that waters tilled soil. (It currently has water gun visuals though)
  • There is a new weather, Light Rain, that waters tilled soil. Normal Rain waters tilled soil as well.
  • ^ This system now makes some planets much better to farm on, since it only rains on certain planets. (and some more than others)
  • Being wet now slows you 10%.
  • Related /spawnitem names: wateringcan / grassseeds
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<Tiy> Next update is likely the colony update, colonies, some new biome content, other bits and pieces

<Tiy> update after that is the combat update, very revamped combat, special attacks as secondaries on weapons, scriptable items (finally boomerangs, homing rockets, other interesting things), new monster types, some other bits and bobs

<Tiy> update after that is vehicle update, vehicles that persist in the world, multiple seats, moving platforms, some other bits and bobs

<Tiy> update after that is the story update, we're producing missions throughout all these updates, they'll all be tied together, all of the current awful sidequests will be replaced, and youll have a storyline that gives the game a lot of context

<Tiy> then some polish updates, and we're more or less at 1.0 (I haven't mentioned every feature)

<Tiy> then a bunch of post 1.0 updates



Also quasi nur noch fünf Patches bis das Spiel fertig ist! Wow.

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Ich fühle mich ja schon etwas betrogen, dass CF ausgerechnet jetzt, wo ich mit den Leeven endlich abschließen wollte, die wieder das Savannenbiom neu beleben:




Ist zwar weiterhin "nur" arid, aber das wäre mal ein löwiger Hintergrund gewesen.

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Dicke Stellungnahme von Tiy zu Starbound:


Hey guys, studio lead here.
Starbound is our first game and we've learnt a great deal about game development and the changing landscape that is the indie / early access scene from developing it. We've done a lot of things right but also made a bunch of mistakes, particularly in the time line department. Luckily I don't think those mistakes will detract from what the final game will be.
Starbound has taken us a very long time to complete. In part that's down to our being relatively new to this, finding our stride, dealing with the problems a new games studio has to deal with - including moving most of the team overseas because remote development wasn't working - but also we've found that our approach to making early access work for us has massively increased the work load required to make the game successful and we didn't count on that.
When we first sat down and estimated how long Starbound would take to complete, we did it with a very standard idea of how we would develop the game in mind. Developing a game in a conventional manner is very logically driven and it's far easier to make meaningful estimates. However as we got into early access (which was a new platform at the time, and people are still figuring out the 'right' way to do it now),we began to realise that standard game development just wouldn't work for an early access title. When a game is developed outside of early access it often (depending on the kind of game) only becomes fun or 'playable' when development is close to complete. We felt we needed every release, early access or not, 10% complete or not, to be playable.
That meant developing a lot of content for unfinished features or developing placeholder features so the game was playable, at the expense of us reaching our intended goals later. At this point we feel like we've developed the game something like 5 times over. Constantly developing sideways so the next early access release is playable, then refactoring and moving forwards between releases.
Up until this point the meat of our development work has been very very front loaded. Starbound has been a very tech heavy project. We've built an engine that is so easy to mod that producing content is incredibly time efficient. The problem is that up until now we've been building content we intend to replace later, we've just been waiting for that engine to be completed so we can actually start pumping out the final content.
Luckily this has come to an end now. The game engine is now close enough to finished that we can finally focus entirely on final content and the game we actually wanted to make. We believe the final version of the game will blow you away.
Here are just some of the things the final game has to offer:
  • A colony system that allows you to build your own villages and cities in game, complete with residents that match the way you've decorated your colony. These NPCs have emotional states, interact with other NPCs and the world around them, provide gifts and rewards to the player amongst other benefits.
  • Worlds that are far more alive, full of interesting things to find. Unique NPCs to interact with, far more diverse threats, small pre-built colonies to come across and interact with. Challenge rooms and underground dungeons.
  • Entirely revamped combat with interesting secondary moves/special attacks, very unique legendary guns/fireable items, interesting armor stats
  • A whole set of missions with a storyline and unique characters, end game content, far more interesting procedural quest lines that have an effect on the world
  • Now that replayable end game content exists, a decrease in grind across the board and a far more 'sandbox' experience
  • A fossil system with unearthing mini-game
  • Improved farming and economy
  • Improved creature capture and pet system
  • A robust modding system, workshop support, servers sharing mods. Pretty much everything in the game is moddable, the vast majority of systems require no scripting or programming knowledge to mod.
  • Continued updates and support post release
  • A lot more
You can follow progress towards that new version in daily blog posts at www.playstarbound.com as we get closer and closer to our goal.
Here are some very random screenshots of where the game is going.. http://imgur.com/a/3y2Br
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Na ja, Neues ist da nichts dabei. Aber das ist das erste Mal, in dem ich Tiy mal lese, wo er mehr oder minder zugibt, dass CF im letzten Jahr Mist gebaut hat, und als Studio der Herausfordeurng überhaupt nicht gewachsen war. Das ist ja auch mal ein Anfang.

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Wenn ich dann wieder so einen groben Unfug lese...


Sorry you feel that way, we update nightly every day and the stable updates every month or two. It's taken us a lot longer than wed thought originally but we're trying our best




Sorry you feel that way, we update nightly every day and the stable updates every month or two.





We update nightly every day and the stable updates every month or two.




Ernsthaft Tiy, was auch immer du nimmst, hör auf damit... :huh:

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Es erklärt natürlich auch, weshalb CF denkt, dass Starbound 2015 fertiggestellt wird. Wenn also ein Chucklemonat neun normale Monate sind - vom letzten Stable im April 2014 bis Januar/Februar 2015 kommen wir gut dahin - dann müssen wir davon ausgehen, dass CF natürlich immer noch im Jahr 2014 stecken geblieben ist. Nach Chucklezeitrechnung haben wir auch heute eben nicht den 26. Juli 2015, sondern immer noch Sommer 2014. Denn seit dem April 2015 sind zwei Patches erschienen, also etwa 2-4 Monate nach April, macht nach Adam Riese: Juni oder August 2014.


Berechnen wir demnach, dass Chucklefish Ende 2015 damit gedroht hat, Starbound zu finalisieren - das sind summa summarum 18-20 Monate zwischen Sommer 2014 bis Winter 2015 - dann ist das nach Chucklefishrechnung und entspräche etwa 162 bis 180 Monaten unserer Zeitrechnung.


Heißt, dass bis zur Beendigung von Starbound kein halbes Jahr mehr fehlt, sondern - je nach Zeitverschiebung und Tiy's Laune - 13 bis 15 Jahre.


Gehen wir als Startzeitraum in das Jahr 2014 zurück, in dem Tiy's Zeitschleifenformel gültig ist, dann wird Starbound irgendwann zwischen dem Jahr 2027 bis 2029 finalisiert. Womöglich noch knapp vor der ersten bemannten Marslandung!


Alles klar? :)

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First off, in case you’re worried, we are not wiping characters or universes this patch and have no plans to do so. You can continue playing your existing characters and worlds from previous stable versions of Starbound, but there are a few things that will have changed.

The biggest change is that this patch brings the first part of a major rebalance to weapons. Any randomly generated melee or ranged weapons you have will be regenerated to a weapon of the same type and level (and keep their name), but will have different appearances and rebalanced stats. This includes weapons modded with custom drawables, so for those of you who care about this, make sure to keep a copy of your drawable data to recreate the weapon later. Most non-generated weapons will have altered stats, but otherwise keep similar abilities and appearances.

While we’ve done our best to add conversion scripts for all of the things we’ve changed, it’s been awhile since the last patch and there may be some that we’ve missed. If you’re playing Unstable with your characters from a previous (vanilla) Stable version, please let us know if you’ve lost items or have trouble loading existing worlds so we can sort it out before the Stable release!


War zwar bekannt, aber sollte anfangs mal hervorgehoben werden für die, welche zu faul zum nachschauen sind. ;)


Fixed a bug causing monsters to spawn in player-built structures underground



Da steht jetzt nur "in". Ich hoffe, das gilt auch für on.

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