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  1. Prowny

    Reporting a troll

    So today, me, Eule and Kirie were playing normally, when this guy Energeon showed up. Kirie's reaction was strange, she was like "Oh not again", but I thought it was fun and jokes between friends, until she literally logged out because of the guy. Here on image we have a little jewel he left, as he kept pressuring Kirie to accept him on party. Then he kept pushing trying to get Eule and I to play with him or whatever, then he started with the threats, as you can see on the second image. I'd like to request a ban on this person.
  2. Prowny

    Modpack Launcher won't work

    It's working now! Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, I need help with the new modpack launcher file. I can download the launcher.exe file, but when I try to open it says: "the application could not be opened properly". What am I supposed to do with it? (I tried moving it to the starbound folder but that didn't work). Thanks