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  1. Apparently the first release of the version was unstable for some, so a fix was implemented on steam. Other sources for the game do not have the fix yet, so that's why we can't connect through them.
  2. None of these worked. Funny thing is, I tried the previous version on a server that hasn't updated yet, and I can connect just fine. So it has to be something related to the update, to the discord config file?
  3. The Launcher is on the Starbound folder, not on win64 (but it was before and it used to work just fine). I have like 5 starbound.log files, so I uploaded them all and a text file aswell. My "specs": Windows 7, service pack 1. Intel Core 2.3 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 64 bits OS. Anything else? starbound.log starbound.log.1 starbound.log.2 starbound.log.3 starbound.log.4 starbound.log.5
  4. Hi, I can't seem to stay connected on the server for more than one second. Then this message pops up "Client-server connection no longer valid!" and I get disconnected. It's the first time I try to log in since the starbound update. I used to have the gameunity launched on the win64 folder, but now it says I should have it on the starbound folder so I moved it there but it's not working. Help please
  5. So today, me, Eule and Kirie were playing normally, when this guy Energeon showed up. Kirie's reaction was strange, she was like "Oh not again", but I thought it was fun and jokes between friends, until she literally logged out because of the guy. Here on image we have a little jewel he left, as he kept pressuring Kirie to accept him on party. Then he kept pushing trying to get Eule and I to play with him or whatever, then he started with the threats, as you can see on the second image. I'd like to request a ban on this person.
  6. Hi, I need help with the new modpack launcher file. I can download the launcher.exe file, but when I try to open it says: "the application could not be opened properly". What am I supposed to do with it? (I tried moving it to the starbound folder but that didn't work). Thanks
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