Hello starbound people

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Im Tom and 36 year old, live in Finland. Been playing games since youth. Started with Pong, then moved up to diffrent consoles , loved Commodore 64 , bubble bobble and giana sisters. Pretty kind and social,shy,like to help fellow gamers , ingame and outside game(if i can), hate griefers and cheaters and is very careful who to trust, when i gained your trust, you can start build with me. Nothing personal , just had bad experince of greifers :/

Consolse/PC i owned


Phillips G7000


Commodore 64

IBM 4.86

and kind of AMD lover :P

Love cats, anime( , watching stars ( have a danubia ( sounds like Da Noob :D ) meteor 31 ,movies and games(obviusly), model planes/cars/boats, war history,amatuer theater, Space /scifi/fantasy series and much more.

Been playing minecraft and wanted some change, like open world games, like Fallout, only played Fallout 1,2 and new vegas.
Games playing(from time to time) at the moment:

Prison architet,

Minecraft ,

World of tanks (love my hummel <3 )

Combat arms EU ( nice game, but hacker paranoid players )

BattlePirates on Facebook

Like F2P games. Open transport tycoon,

Well, thats me, dont know what more to write, ask if there is questions.

Edited by Sep
forgot tv-series, love them

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Welcome to our little server community then! I hope you'll find that most people around here can be trusted, but in the case that sth goes horribly wrong, just contact the admin and your builds can be restored.

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Welcome Sep


maybe Ill see you later on the server. If you need something; items, help or anything else just ask me.


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On 2017-03-11 at 8:29 PM, Elsa of Spielburg said:

Welcome Sep


maybe Ill see you later on the server. If you need something; items, help or anything else just ask me.



Thanks Elsa :)

Yea, seen you already  in-game :) Items are coverd, getting durasteel atm for upgrade :) I  miss the fun/action if a start to beg stuff :)  But im willing to pay/trade for ship upgrade  & manipulator moduls :)  Just wanna see diffrent people builds, get inspired and maybe inspire others when haveing dryed up build plans :)

10 hours ago, Gin said:

Hello Sep,


it is always nice to welcome new people on the server. I am currently not very aktiv, but should you see me on the server, just message me.


I can help you if you need recources, some advice or just want to hang out.


Hi Gin!

Thanks :) It's ok , we are in same guild so can chat there little bit :)  Resources are coved, maybe need to scan little stuff for the pixel printer .:)

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