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  1. Ok, thanks Would have been a fine reply ingame Maybe not the right place to ask :/ It's cool I also tend to draw out things and do when necessery, but was bound to happen Found this on a English page , all in english, only thing in german was the Banner. But good that the importent stuff is in English like Rules & commands. But thanks for the info
  2. Hello, i wonder if you can buy VIP or Premium, i asked ingame from a premium and got reply " 2 much for you" and later "15€ -> 20€" . So is it a one time or monthly fee? The most is in German and havent found yet a english about it. I found donations easy,but the rest was in german. Tried google translate it, but the translations was not that good. So i ask you ,who know both English and german, are they buyable or not? And how much ?
  3. Thanks Elsa Yea, seen you already in-game Items are coverd, getting durasteel atm for upgrade I miss the fun/action if a start to beg stuff But im willing to pay/trade for ship upgrade & manipulator moduls Just wanna see diffrent people builds, get inspired and maybe inspire others when haveing dryed up build plans Hi Gin! Thanks It's ok , we are in same guild so can chat there little bit Resources are coved, maybe need to scan little stuff for the pixel printer .:)
  4. Oh ok, thank you Good to know
  5. Hi! Im Tom and 36 year old, live in Finland. Been playing games since youth. Started with Pong, then moved up to diffrent consoles , loved Commodore 64 , bubble bobble and giana sisters. Pretty kind and social,shy,like to help fellow gamers , ingame and outside game(if i can), hate griefers and cheaters and is very careful who to trust, when i gained your trust, you can start build with me. Nothing personal , just had bad experince of greifers :/ Consolse/PC i owned Pong Phillips G7000 NES Commodore 64 IBM 4.86 and kind of AMD lover Love cats, ani