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  1. Yeah, this happened again. So if you're willing to reset the ownership of the name "Mars", that'd be great Though I have a faint feeling that the account wasn't mine, so if you can either IP-check the name and see if it corresponds with mine or view the character, it should have a red spacesuit and a backpack. Thanks!
  2. I know the server tells me not to use any /edited- or unobtainable items. I host mech battles every now and then, but I have to ban some weapons just because they destroy the arena, so I'd like to know: Can I use shield generators on the arena, just so more destructive weapons like the beam drill and such can be used, and the matches can be more fun? Sincerely, PWubb.
  3. Sorry to bother again, but is there ANY way you could change your display name? I just noticed that I've misspelled it, and secondly, I don't like that name anymore. Thanks.
  4. How do I create a thing for my guild, the text on the left of your username? I think that they might possibly be called guild tags. let's say, my name is "Mr Text", and then I join a guild and now my name is "Guild Mr Text"
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