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  • [ENGLISH] Starbound - How to play


    1. Download our Launcher: Click here

    2. Server address:


    Leave account name and password blank.




    By joining our server you agree to follow these rules. Breaking the rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban. Breaking the rules a second time after a first ban has expired will result in a permanent ban.


    1) Be nice - no spamming, no harassment, no offensive character names, treat everyone with respect.
    2) No custom / edited items.
    3) No advertising. This includes other game / voice / Discord servers.
    4) Global chat: Only English / German.





    Important: If you need to use blank spaces, e.g. because a player’s name contains a blank space, you have to wrap the name in double quotation marks (not two single quotation marks!).

    /protect_add MyPlanet “Mr Test“ -> Correct
    /protect_add MyPlanet Mr Test -> Wrong
    /w “Mr Test“ Hello! -> Correct
    /w Mr Test Hello! -> Wrong


    /help – Well…
    /who – Displays a list of online players.
    /spawn – Teleports you back to the spawn planet.
    /uptime – Displays server uptime and information.
    /w PLAYER TEXT – Whispers a message to PLAYER.
    /me TEXT – Emote command.


    /tp PLAYER – Sends a teleport request to PLAYER.
    /tpa PLAYER – Accepts PLAYER’s teleport request.


    Planet / Station Protection
    /protect NAME – Protects the current location. NAME can be chosen freely but must not contain spaces!
    /protect_info – Shows a list of your protected locations.
    /protect_add NAME PLAYER – Permits PLAYER to build on NAME.

    /protect_set NAME msg TEXT - Set a message that will be displayed if a player teleports to this location.

    /protect_set NAME pvp 0|1 - Enables (1) or disables (0) projectiles at this location. This can be used for PVP arenas and so on - but be careful, allowing projectiles might make it possible to break blocks!

    /protect_del NAME PLAYER – Revokes PLAYERs permission on your location NAME.
    /unprotect NAME – Removes the protection of your location NAME.
    /home NAME – Teleports your character to the location NAME.

    Note: If you protect a location while other players are located on this planet / station, these players will still be able to build until they leave. This also applies if you update a player’s permission using /protect_add or /protect_del.


    Guild system
    /guild_info – Displays information about your guild.
    /guild_create NAME – Creates a new guild „NAME“.
    /guild_invite PLAYER – Invites a player to join your guild.
    /guild_accept – Accepts a guild invitation.
    /guild_leave – Leaves the current guild.
    /guild_set motd MESSAGE – Sets a guild message of the day (can only be used by the guild founder).

    /guild_set tag TAG - Sets the guild tag (max. four alphanumeric characters, can only be used if the guild has at least five members).
    /g TEXT – Sends a message in guild chat.
    /guild_kick PLAYER – Only available for the guild founder, removes a player from the guild.




    Edited by Zwergengraf

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