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Everything begins with a light.

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I. The first recollection

Everything begins with a light.
Only in the dream obviously.
Shades in my thought.
The temptation exists steadily.
A known feeling.
Pictures of the past.

Feeling of the justice.
Life leads to death.
I wake.
All only one dream?

II. Painful thoughts

My head irritates me.
What he wants to say.
It does not want to stop.
It irritates me, it does not want to leave alone.
Edged out pictures.
Pictures of things.

Blue and gold.
Luminous Silhoutten.

The pictures disappear.
What is not right with me.

III. An idea

What a magnificent idea.
Originated only from a dream and thought.
Old recollections one forget time.

Fear, pain, loneliness, hatred.
These feelings are there ancient and, nevertheless, always.
Where from they probably come?
Why fight not actually?
Why they do not start?!

IV. Fear

Fear controls the mind and makes him susceptible.
An unnecessary feeling of the weakness.

Why fear do not change in courage?
Courage for himself and his companions.
A negative feeling in a sensible and, nevertheless, not change brainlessly?
Why not?

Why not?!

V. Pain

A never ending circulation of the grief.
Every being knows it and fears it.
A feeling of the defenceless.

A feeling of the vulnerability!
However, where pain is, is also consolation.
Pain can be detained only by consolation.

VI. Loneliness

Nearly every being Is not to be lonesome for it certainly.
Even the darkest and deepest souls look for knowledge.

A permanent loneliness promotes the insanity.
All negative feelings are strengthened.
Only few beings are aware of that.

Loneliness can be cured only by community.

VII. Hatred

Hatred. . . .
Hatred is by far beside the insanity the biggest evil.
Hatred originates from
pain, loneliness, fear. . .
An forever long list.
Hatred cannot be cured separate are
only cleaned.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Io Blightbringer

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