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StarUnity v17.11

Release Date: 11/10/2017

  • Security update.



  • Security update.



  • Security update.
  • /group: Fix Exception.
  • Enable DiscordBot.



  • /protect: Now supports player stations.
  • Players can now protect 2 (default) or 7 (Premium / VIP) planets or player stations.
  • /home: Now supports teleporting to player stations.
  • /home: Allow GMs to teleport even if not on ship.
  • /protect_add: You can now prevent players from entering your planet / station by setting their access level to -1. Syntax: /protect_add <LocationName> <PlayerName> -1
  • Updated command messages ('planet' -> 'location').
  • Backups of all player stations will now be created.



  • Fixed a race condition that could cause "x has joined the server" to be displayed for banned players.
  • Location info: Only show projectile info if projectiles are enabled.

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