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StarUnity v17.06

Release Date: 06/17/2017

  • New versioning scheme: Year.Month (e.g. 17.06 -> June 2017).
  • /home: Fixed a bug when teleporting to a planet that was moved to a different position.
  • Updated announcer texts.
  • New chat command: /protect_set
    • Allows planet owners to set a MOTD for their planets. Syntax: /protect_set <PlanetName> msg <Text>
    • Allows planet owners to enable / disable PVP (projectiles) on planets. Syntax: /protect_set <PlanetName> pvp <0|1>
  • /uptime: Shows total number of connections since server start.
  • QoL improvement: Players no longer have to relog after their group (Default, VIP, Premium) was changed.


v17.06.1 Hotfix:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed /protect on player stations.
  • Fixed wrong text colors for planet MOTDs.
  • Removed "On Playerstation" debug message.

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