New Guild: Preserverate

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Guild Emblem: File Attachment 1 (WIP)

Guild Name: The Preserverate


Founder Lore: The founder of the Preserverate went by the name of Samuel Farnsworth. When his home planet was destroyed he set out in an attempt to aquire power within the deep of space in hopes preventing others from losing what he had. He found an undiscovered intelligence and it became his partner and muse, he was able to learn and do so much more than he had previously thought possible, shortly after he created the Preserverate. One day he left to visit the Muse and never returned, leaving his son, Jason, to rule the small group alone. It has since been a millennia and forty-seven years.

Guild Lore: Created after the destruction of the Founder's home planet The Preserverate has strived towards the preservation of knowledge, balance of power as well as powers itself, and life.

Horone Race Lore: The Horone, a somewhat primitive race, was making advances in sciences that would allow them to create a space travel worthy ship, which would remove them from the Federates 'Primitive Planets' list allowing other people to make contact. Shortly after they were hailed by many alien life forms and accepted them into their home but were inevitably invaded and pillaged by a band of space pirates *someone should totally make a pirate guild* this somewhat primitive planet was caught between the crossfire of a pursuing fleet, which destroyed the pirates but also made life on the planet uninhabitable, shortly before the planet was destroyed many escaped from the planet by fleeing in either the still developing ships, hijacking, or stowing away on the pirate ships, but few survived the barrage of fire hailing on the planet, now the location is used as a mining site by the Foundry. Few know of the Horone race as they tend to stay under the radar given their past experience with open peace.

Guild Lore: Was created by Samuel Farnsworth. Main goal is to preserve all knowledge, power artifacts, and organisms. Prioritized in that order.

Guild/Horone Flag/Logo: File Attachment 1 (WIP)

Flag/Logo Lore: The blue circle represents the pool of time which stems outward affecting everything, which is shown with the white. The two incomplete black triangles represent the Horone's fabled ability to effectively control the flow of Time.

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