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Millenium Corporation

For a better Future!


The life how we knew it, is no more.

This fact is known by everyone in the Humankind.


The earth is gone.

Our goverment and protectorat wiped out.

Those who had sworn to protect us, betrayed us to save their own skin and now the few that survived only care about their own wealth and power.


The Galaxy is an cold and lonely Place and those who dont know how to survive on their own are good as dead.

Hunted by the hundrets of Creatures that live on Planets or shady organisations that will rob or even capture them for their own gain.


Humankind made mistakes in the Past.

The Greed after Power and Wealth made us blind for the future of our own.

Millions of our own had to suffer and die for our stupid motivations.


We selected the wrong people to guide us.

We let us corrupt by religion and other believes.

Our own gain were more important than everyone else.


We let this happen so everyone is guilty of the mistakes.


The Human Race is now an endangered species, like many others in this galaxy.


Now there is a new light at the end of the Tunnel.

With the founding of the Millenium Corporation we will learn from the mistakes of the Past. We will make the Galaxy our new home with a bright future for our children and their children. Let us fight the greed and hate in every being of this galaxy, and live happy together.


Fear and Death scared us for to long!

Its time to open your eyes. Stand up and lets work together for a better future for us all!


That is the goal of the Millenium Corporation.

For a better Future!


The Structure




Short Description:


Besides the Leading Position you can see in the upper Plan that there are 6 different Fields how the MCO is constructed.


Law & Order Court: Your duties are to protect and enforce the laws of the MCO. And if needed also send the Justicars to bring the guilty ones to the court.


Architecture Center:  Every working System need their Bases of Operation. At that Point the Architects and Building Workers have their way. Their job is to plan and construct the Buildings and future Projects of the MCO.


Logistics Center: Without the prober management of the Ressources in the MCO, there would be only chaos within the planing of the other Constructionfields in the MCO. The Logistic Experts have a simple but important Task within the MCO. They have to manage and and control the import and export between the Constructionfields in the MCO. They are the Main Organ for the Architecture and Tradingposts.


The Tradingpost: The Main Organ between the Logistic and Architecturecenter. The Traders supply the MCO with ressources trough tradings with other factions and people or expeditions to different Planets within the galaxy. The bigger the request from the different Constructionsfields, the better for trader and their clients.


The Diplomatic Parliament: Every Race, Organisation or Faction have their own ways of reasons. Before the different reasons lead to Problems between the Factions, there happens to be Diplomatic Parts within that try to prevent misunderstandings or even war. The Diplomatics are the Guarding Hand of the MCO that trys to keep the peace we seek.

And holds back the Military forces that the MCO could unleash, if needed. Also are the Diplomatics always present at Alliance agreements.


The Security Forces: Encomony, Peace, Finances and Culture exist in many different forms in the Galaxy, but there are always some others with the Idea in their mind to conquer or destroy those forms of living for their own gain. Mostly in destructive Ways they take what they want no matter what. At that point the Military Field of the MCO comes into the game. When Diplomatics fail the only option is fight fire with fire.


The Military Field of the MCO is build in many Paths: Recruiting and Training, Tactics & Control that cooperates with the Informationtradingcentral at the same time and the Heart of Operations: The Special Units.

The Millenium Corporation puts much effort and ressources in the training of their Special Units. Better Soldiers in every way of Combat and Military Tactics.

Also there is no Army in the way like the most Military Organisations, the Specialists work in Cellunits. Only 3 at the same time. While other Factions throw Cannonfodder into their fight, the Special Units always search for an fast way to end the conflict.



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Sections and Members of the Millenium Corporation


Founder & Leader

CEO: Lucien Treso



Law & Order Court:

Section: Justicarium

- Io Blightbringer - Rank:  High Justicar



Section: Law & Order




Architecture Center:

Section: System Tech




Section: Planing and Construction

- Lady Aurila - Rank: Advisor

- Sebastian - Trialist


Logistics Center:




The Tradingpost:

- Sandro - Rank: Fixer (with Level 3 trading License)



The Diplomatic Parliament:




The Security Forces:

Section: Tactics & Control




Section: Soldier Career

- Dan Mason - Rank: Corporal - Special Unit Training: Light Infantry



Section: Recruiting & Training




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Millenium Corporation

Duties of the Departments


The Office of Justice & Law


Department: Justikarium

The employees of the Justicarium or also called "Justicars" are, in principle, guards of the law.

Their job is to uphold the rules and laws of the Millennium Corporation, but if an individual does not comply, they will be removed by the Justicars and shown to the judge where to wait for his sentence.


The Justicars are independent and are only true to the law.

If an Justicar falsely accuses someone of breaking a rule, he or she will be immediately removed from the Justice and Legal Department and will have no chance of ever being reinstated there.



Department: Law & Order

In this section, the tasks are shared between judges and lawyers.

In order to become a lawyer, you have to fulfill the requirement beforehand, since one can not simply decide the fate of another just because one "feels like it".

The requirement is that you already have a name in the MCO. Of course, it is also faster if you were already present in the diplomacy office.


To become a judge there is also a requirement: the candidate must be elected in the weekly meeting of the MCO.


The lawyer defends the people accused by the Justicars of being innocent or guilty.

The judge is the last word in the court hearings. He decides on the basis of the evidence whether an accused person is guilty or innocent.



The Office of Architecture


Department: Systems Engineering

Everyone knows a bit about technology, but only the most reliable and experienced of all MCO technicians and electronics engineers  are allowed to work in this Office.

The maintenance of the mechanical equipment and cabling of the projects is a great and difficult task that is left to the best of the best.



Department: Planning & Design

This department is for the architects of the MCO, the tasks of each person varies per conception and planning between CEO and the architect.

On the one hand, not only the construction of buildings, but also terraforming is on the agenda. Unfortunately, this time-consuming task can only be performed by the authorized persons because the planning alone is delivered to the respective site manager.


The architect must also clarify the material procurement himself with the Trade Office and the Office of Logistics.



The Office of Security


Department: Tactics & Control

After transforming the spy division into these, some changes have come about. The former agents have now been trained to operators.

The operators are now responsible for the supply of the units, for example, supply of associations and their classification, keeping the equipment intact and the procurement of the armament.

The control of the recruits is also on their agenda. Whether they are actively pursuing their ministry or abiding by the rules of the Defense Order.


The area of tactics is for emergency planning if it should happen that the MCO is threatened or a conflict is pending.

The division of the soldiers into the troops created for them or the planning of the troop movements are the task of the operator.

In principle, 70% of the success of an assignment depends on the respective assigned operator.



Department: Military & Protection

An operator is important, if not crucial, for an operation. However, an operator does not bring anything if he has no suitable soldiers.

In this section, the backbone of the MCO, called the unit of protection or SEH unit, is not just a simple soldier, because the MCO does not value mass, but specific education of particular individuals makes the resource use of the training more meaningful and effective than when one receives regular training.


The SEH also has specific unit strands when an individual has proved and receives the necessary "OK" from an instructor, he/she can beocme Special training to join the Special Forces.


- Heavy infantry: Has permission to equip with heavy armament, for example, rocket launcher and grenade launcher. In addition, an armored armor is provided to the infantrymen.

- Light Infantry: Has permission to use shotguns and SMG. The light infantry is required to act as an Scout.

- Sniper: Has permission to use sniper rifles. This path comes with a special education from the CEO himself.

- Paramedic: Has permission to use pistols and SMGs. In addition, he receives an energy-rich uniform. Gets his medical devices by the operator.

- Radio: Has permission to use assault rifles. His task is to pass on the information about important points in the fray to the respective sergeants.

- Sergeant: The leader of a troop. This receives the commands of the operator and forwards them to the troop. The sergeant must have experience in all special education.



Department Recruitment & Training

The Department of Instructors. The instructor is there to recruit and train recruits in the security office. For example, the instructor must do weekly exercises with the recruits to individually assess their strengths and weaknesses. If the instructor thinks the recruit is ready for a special education then he has to address this during the weekly meeting or, in a special case, forward it in detail with a letter to the CEO.


In case of conflict, the instructor is automatically in the rank of sergeant and commands all troops in case of emergency.

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