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    GameUnity.TV Avorion Server [EU / English / German]


    Server Address:




    How to join:

    Multiplayer -> Join via IP -> Server Address: av.gameunity.tv, Server Name: GameUnity.TV -> Add Server





    If you are looking for a server with 24/7 uptime and a friendly community, look no further. Our goal is to provide a stable and persistent server with some custom mods / scripts to improve the game. The Avorion server is part of a community with multiple gameservers, forums, Teamspeak 3 and Discord server. We plan to keep this server up and running as long as possible, you do not have to worry about losing progress - unless a wipe is necessary. If you have any ideas for additional mods / scripts, just let us know!


    >> Teamspeak 3

    >> Discord

    >> Forums


    Server information:

    - Collision damage: Disabled
    - Difficulty: Normal
    - Automatic restart every six hours
    - Automatic restart after crashes
    - Automatic cleanup (loot and wreckages)
    - Respawning asteroids (in start sectors)
    - /sethome to set your home sector
    - Server location: Germany



    - Please only talk English and German in chat.

    - Be nice and don't insult other players.

    - No spamming, no advertising.

    - Have fun! :)